Business Telephone Systems – Selecting an IP Phone System

This article explores the advantages of an IP phone system for business needs. We consider the possible systems that are available today, including PC phone systems. We then cover some considerations for small to medium business needs analysis when upgrading to an IP phone system.

One extremely crucial feature important to understand is the advantages IP interfaces provide to a business telephone system. IP connections will improve the flexibility of a business telephone system, particularly in managing extensions. This greatly facilitates moving phones easily within the office. An IP interface also provides support for locating compatible phones in home offices and making connections when travelling. In addition, systems with a built-in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) feature allow connecting over the Internet without any additional hardware for analog to digital conversion.

Some of the most popular commercially available systems today are Panasonic, Avaya Partner, Lucent, Merlin, Nortel Norstar, Comdial and Vodavi (from Vertical), NEC, Toshiba, Mitel, and Shoretel phone systems. Not all of these systems support IP features, so we suggest consulting your local provider for the latest offered features. In addition to a “traditional” phone system, any PC or computer can be used as an IP phone system with downloadable free software. Keep in mind that “free” systems will require a significantly greater level of skill on your staff (or from your local provider).

How can you most effectively choose from among these available business telephone systems? In fact, most any of these systems would be an acceptable choice for the average small business. If you already have experience with one or more systems, then you can make a list of important features that your business cannot live without, should you change systems. And for some, engaging a consultant to perform a detailed systems analysis would be in order. But for most, the key selection criterion will be choosing a good local dealer who can sufficiently support your business needs.

Also, keep in mind that directing your voice traffic over the Internet may necessitate an upgrade of the company’s Internet connection, in order to support voice as well as data. Integrated voice/data services are useful for this, particularly if provided with a Quality of Service (QOS) attribute, which efficiently prioritizes voice traffic over less critical data traffic. Thus when employees are downloading large files or watching online videos, business telephone conversations will not be affected.

If the business must have a very consistent phone service, then you should consider a T1 connection, which is delivered with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), to minimize downtime. Since T1 lines have come down significantly in price from only a few years ago, when the average monthly cost would have been over $1000 to at present often under $300, a T1 has become a much more realistic solution. The available features and number of vendors supplying T1 services have also increased dramatically in recent years. A telecommunications broker can assist with choosing the best T1 service provider according to your needs.

Hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems – Pros and Cons

Have you heard of Hosted VoIP business phone systems? VoIP, or “voice over Internet protocol,” is at its essence the capability to communicate over Internet phone lines versus traditional phone lines. This means many advantages over traditional systems, especially when it comes to business; however, there are some disadvantages as well.


· Cost effective

Hosted VoIP office systems are very cost effective. This is especially true if your business makes a lot of international calls; with hosted VoIP business phone systems, you generally don’t pay anything other than your Internet access fee, which is usually a set fee every month. With traditional phone services, you pay by the minute, and this cost increases depending on the distance of the call. Hosted VoIP systems are also much more flexible and easier to set up and add to, meaning that they’re cheaper to maintain as well, another cost effective consideration.

· Wide variety of features at little to no extra cost

With traditional business systems, you have to pay for setup and for every phone line installed; you also have to pay extra for any features you use, and may have to pay extra for additional voicemail accounts, adding extra users, and so on. This is usually not true with hosted VoIP business phone systems. Additional calling features such as caller ID and call forwarding generally cost you extra, but this isn’t usually true with plans through hosted VoIP office phone systems.

Call forwarding may be especially useful if, for example, you spend a lot of time out of your office and will need to be able to access your office “on the road.” VoIP generally gives you the capability to stay connected no matter where you are, anywhere in the world.

· Flexibility and expandability — at little to no extra cost

With hosted VoIP systems, you can generally add users, extra voicemail boxes, etc., through an easy-to-use administration web interface; depending on your plan, you may not pay extra for these additions, and you can generally easily manage them yourself.


There are some cons to hosted VoIP office phone systems, as well, that you’ll need to keep in mind:

· Must have high-speed Internet access

If you don’t have high-speed Internet connectivity, you won’t be able to have one of the many available hosted VoIP business phone systems until your area has access to it. This is increasingly becoming a non-issue as more and more areas throughout the world “get connected,” but there still may be areas where you won’t be able to access high-speed Internet access.

· Sound quality may be lacking

Again, as technology catches up, poor sound quality is becoming less of an issue. However, in certain areas, hosted VoIP business phone systems can sometimes have very poor sound quality as compared to traditional landline phone systems.

· If electricity or Internet are out, you have no phone

Traditional landline phone systems that use phone lines are generally operational for calls on at least a basic level even if electricity goes out in the area; additionally, because they don’t depend on the Internet for connectivity, it doesn’t matter whether or not the Internet has gone out; you can still make calls. However, hosted VoIP office phone systems depend on electricity and Internet connectivity for operation. Lose these, and you’re out of luck until the Internet is back online and electricity is restored.

Overall, the pros offered by a hosted VoIP system far outweigh the cons, and help keep your business running efficiently.

Small Business Phone Systems – Virtual Office Solutions

Today, small business phone systems are one of the feature-rich virtual office solutions, which are of immense benefit for business enhancement. These advanced computerized phone systems are cost-effective solutions for professionals, mobile workers, business owners or any small business, and help them to set up a complete virtual office.

This virtual office phone solution improves your communication system and makes it more efficient and competitive while reducing your cost. It offers multiple options to callers from various geographical locations. With one main phone number, you can connect to multiple locations. Based on the customized settings, your incoming calls can be routed to voicemail, cell phones, home phones and more. Moreover, you can have small business phone systems with a host of advanced features such as worldwide extension dialing, auto attendant, caller ID, call transfer, call forwarding, professionally recorded outgoing greeting, voicemail, changeable caller menu, music-on-hold, unique 800 toll free or local number and multiple mailboxes.

You can configure all the settings on your small business phone system online, and you need not install or maintain any hardware or software on your premises. If you need to add new numbers or extensions to your plan as your business grows, it is possible through your online account.

With these innovative telephone systems, your SOHO business becomes more professional and attractive to potential clients as it receives more customers on the telephone. Thus it helps your small business to

o Move to the next level by creating an executive impression
o Sound bigger like a much larger and professional establishment
o Increase productivity and credibility

If it is time to have a small business phone system as a virtual office solution for your business located anywhere in the world, check out the Internet and find the right source. There are countless companies, all touting the best service, the best solution and the best benefits. With the right virtual office solution provider, you can receive a full range of quality features that serve to enhance your business image to your clients.

In the United States, the needs for virtual office phone service is ever growing as this communication system offers high quality service at affordable price tag.

MLM Prospecting Help – Are Network Marketers Ready to Build Their Business Online

Network marketers need MLM prospecting help if they want to succeed in their MLM business opportunity. So many network marketers or should I say 97% of them fail because of the old school methods they use to grow their business. Let’s face it there is no marketing in network marketing. So what do network marketers need to change if they really want to reach their goals which is to be financially free.

The first thing they should do is realise that the old school methods of MLM prospecting is out the window and that they need help and guidance in finding what really works and what does not. My best MLM prospecting help advice is you need to get on the Internet to sell your products and build your business. why?

Well, I say this because you need to start thinking how you can build your business the easiest and smartest way possible, and trust me printing one million leaflets and dropping them door to door is not smart or will it build your business the way you want it too.

You must start thinking about leveraging your MLM prospecting efforts. The only way to do this is you must get on the Internet. The Internet is where you will find millions and millions of people who are your right target audience that are just waiting to buy your products or join your downline. But the big question is how do you get started and what programs do you use to make that one complete system online to do the job of building your MLM business on complete autopilot.

Let me say this, if you want to get rich quick then this is not for you. To build an empire online you must be willing to work hard and treat it like a business because internet marketing is a business. you need to invest time, effort and energy to make it grow into a successful enterprise.

It takes on going dedication, forward thinking, creativity, persistence, knowledge, careful planning and the good old hard work. If you are willing to do these things then you will reap the big benefits and bring home the big money. Just because I say autopilot does not mean that everything with the system is autopilot. Yes! the system works on autopilot and brings result’s day and night 24/7 but you have to keep the system updated, change things, learn new knowledge, keep up with the competition and use different tools to bring traffic to your business.

So if you are serious about building your MLM business online and are willing to put in the hard work then you will surely succeed and reach your personal goals that 97% of network marketers fail to see. Now this is what I call MLM prospecting help.