Small Business Phone Systems Options

Small business phone systems options used to be pretty cut and dry. In the ‘old days’ there was simply a rotary phone or a touch pad phone that could place calls on hold in one location on site and route those calls to another location on site. Those days, though not so long ago, are long gone and now small business phone system options are almost unlimited.

Today small business phone systems can be linked into your company’s network can be patched in online and can route calls to the appropriate department or person, no matter where that person may be, whether they are on or off site.

Here are some of the options that are now available to help your small business compete with the big boys:

o Enhanced technology: Combine the power of the phone with the power of the computer and data networks and you no longer have to rely on voice alone to communicate. Now it is possible to video conference via the web and bring people in several different locations together for a business meeting to help make decisions faster.

o Unchain your workforce: You no longer have to keep your workforce close to the vest in order for them to be ultra productive. Now you can let them roam where ever it is they need to be and still keep them in touch. Now workers can have a call routed to their home phone, cell phone, hotel room phone, or any other phone they desire. The result is no lost connections and an improved overall productivity.

o Go green: By doing video conferencing you are actually going green. Because you can bring people together that are in multiple locations online you will reduce the need of your staff to travel significantly and thus you can tell your customer that you are going green. This will also save you big money on travel expenses which is a nice green to keep in your pocket.

o Give customers more options: Today’s small business phone systems allows customers more than one way to reach you. Customers can now call you, fax you, video conference you, or even get into an online chat with you. This allows for faster and more enhanced service of the customer which leads to a fatter bottom line for your small business.

o Go virtual: Getting what is known as a virtual 800 number allows your customers to contact you no matter where they are and never have to be charged. This results in your customers assuming you are much bigger than you are and no one but you and your workforce will know that your business is not a multi-national one.

With all the advances in technology today, there is no reason that a small business can’t compete directly with a larger one. Now any business no matter what the size can have the look and feel of a corporate giant when simply implementing some of the many different options that are now available for small business phone systems.